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Nicolas Girod
Nicolas Girod
Very disappointed of the result. 9 months after the operation, hairs have grown but it was not worth the pain and money.
Antwort von 2022.06.27
Dear Mr. Nicolas, dear Girod, thank you very much for your review. We feel very sorry that the results are not as you had hoped. Although we see an improvement in density and a fair result, the density at this moment is not as expected. There are a number of reasons for this. When implanting the hairs, we have to be careful not to damage the existing hair. Therefore, the density which can be achieved when someone has still existing hairs (as in your case), is not as dense as which someone who does not have any existing hair. Also, androgenetic alopecia is a progressive process. Therefore, the existing hairs will fall out as well, and the achieved results is less dense. The last reason why the density at the moment could be less dense as expected, is that it has been only 9/10 months after the procedure. Because the major difference compared to the other techniques is that we don’t extract and implant the whole follicle, but only a very small part of the follicle. We therefore are the only clinic which can preserve the donor area. Because we don’t implant the whole follicle, it takes sometimes more than 12 months to see the final result. However the feedback you mentioned did not come up as prominently during the recent check-up appointment, we would like to invite you for personal meeting to evaluate the result. And we are convinced that we will come to a solution. All the best, Jeroen – Hair Science Clinic

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