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Mariam V.
Mariam V.
Positive review from grants manager The Hope team is very helpful and always respond on time, solves if any issues rise and provides different options for solutions. ☺It helps in grants management for the whole cycle of the grant, from registering the application, evaluation, reporting and close out of the grant project. It gives opportunity to analyze the budgets of the grant projects, compare the approved amounts vs. reported/paid/modified, if any. Hope gives opportunity to allocate several donor fundings for the project. In addition, the most important is that financial transactions are automatically sent for approval to finance department based on the grantee's expense reports. The steps of the grant management are sent for approval among different staff members (Financial manager, grants manager, accountant). Also, the databases can be download from the spreadsheet in excel format. Also, it helps to check the contacts in terrorist checklists, which is automatically done during every payment request. Overall, it is software that helps on every step of grants cycle and makes monitoring process easier. ☹It needs time during the proceeding of the whole steps, however this gives opportunity for control each step. Overall, HOPE is helpful for our organisation, it has all functions that are needed for grants administration. In case there is need of any additional function HOPE team provides support.

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