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Jessica Frias
Jessica Frias
WOW, is all I can truly say. My very first and only phone call with Andrea consisted of so many tears. Tears of joy, of relief, of omg!!!! is she psychic? I am completely amazed at how a complete stranger knew more about myself than probably most of the people in my life. She was in my head and helped me de-clutter all the BS i have been feeding myself for all these years. Andrea was really a confirmation from the universe that I am destined to be someone very valuable to this world. EVERYONE NEEDS a power hour. I signed up completely clueless and had no idea I would be this transformed. I have been lost for so so long and now I'm found. How cliche is that line? But its soooo true!!!!! I look forward to working with her. THANK YOU ANDREA! THANK YOU!!!

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