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Nadia Sidebottom
Nadia Sidebottom
I touched base with Rosie knowing I need to upgrade my website. There was an instant connection and understanding of where I wanted my website to go and the look I was after. Rosie recommended a couple of providers that may suit the bill but we ultimately opted for a shopify build and the recommendation of a fabulous theme which enabled me to have the features that were necessary within the business, plus the design suitable for the look of my business. The vision Rosie has is an invaluable tool, to be able to take other peoples ideas and translate them into a concept which will work for them. Rosie is also fantastically patient with her clients and has an understanding of how they ultimately work too. My build, due to business pressures, and other focusses required prior to fully completing my website took over 10 months in total. Our weekly calls were always a delight and upbeat occasion, sharing many giggles along the way, always having a step by step focus for the website to bring it all together and the magic does indeed happen. The steps Rosie took, enabled me as a client to see the build taking shape and the visions of both of us come alive with tutorials at each step were the needed. What’s more important to me, is that even when the reins of your website have been passed over to you, Rosie is still there championing your business, loves to hear the successes and its really lovely to share those moments with her. I am absolutely delighted with my new professionally styled website, and the results are speaking for themselves. I cannot recommend Rosie and her magic enough.

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