Trustworthy, Quality, Responsive I'll be honest. At first, I was skeptical. Due to the global shortages, how could these guys have so much available product? After multiple 5-figure, completed orders, I can attest, these guys are more than legit: they are superb. Matthew from PLC Exchange has single-handedly averted a deadline disaster at my job. All the products were as advertised - brand new, factory sealed. Multiple times already, I needed more product than they had available on-hand, but PLC Exchange went out of their way to bring in more product so that I could be taken care of. My regular vendor (a big name company) couldn't get the needed products (Allen Bradley VFDs, for example) for MONTHS. But PLC Exchange made it happen. How? I'm not sure, but I have a theory: The big companies stopped carrying stock. They want all of their orders to go straight to customers so they can maximize their profit at the expense of their customers' time. They claim it's supply chain issues, but the truth is far simpler: they didn't plan ahead. Companies like PLC Exchange understand that sometimes, time is everything, so they planned ahead and ensured they had the parts needed to satisfy their customers' needs. I highly recommend PLC Exchange. Trustworthy company, quality products, responsive to inquiries and questions. Superb.

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