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Tracey Liu
Tracey Liu
I went from an F to an A- in Calculus, thanks to Jeffery and the Luna Education team!!!!!!!! ???? I failed it the first time, so I made sure I had a tutor the second time around. I was really frustrated because I just wanted to pass the course so I can take the next level courses. Thankfully, my neighbour referred me to Luna Education, and after assessing my needs, had Jeffery start working with me. Jeffery prepared his own notes for each session and guided me through every chapter very meticulously. His notes were specifically written to address my questions and to focus on topics I was having a hard time with. He showed a lot of interest in my learning, and created a lesson plan for us to follow. Jeffery was also very very very patient with me. I remember having to do a question seven times and I still didn’t get it (sorry Jeffery ??). But every time, he would find a different way to explain it to me until it made sense and I was able to do it on my own. To be honest, I was just aiming for a C (because that’s good enough for me to move on), but believe it or not, I GOT AN A-!!!! Thank you SO much, Luna Education! ???? I could tell from my first meeting with my Education Advisor that you truly cared about my learning, and ensured that my tutor would fit my exact needs. You have well exceeded my expectations! Thank you! ????

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