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Cherry Su
Cherry Su
I have two tutors from Luna Education, Cici & Jeremy. Cici tutors me on english, she has been helping me with writing paragraphs, summaries, and my grades in english has improved a lot! I have been struggling with writing paragraphs, I didn't know how to start off a paragraph or end it. Cici came and helped me with that. Cici has been wonderful! Jeremy tutors me on math, and he tells me that it doesn't matter if I get the answer right or wrong, as long as I try my best and understand how to do it. Jeremy has been very supportive and he told me his goal for me is to have a better understanding of the concept of math. I have always had trouble with math, ever since I was little. I didn't understand how math worked. So i've always struggled. And I usually get very frustrated, I couldn't understand why everybody else in my class can do it, except for me. But Jeremy told me that everyone learns at a different pace. For me, I just learn at a slower pace than everyone else. Which he told me, was absolutely okay! Jeremy has been great! I definitely recommend Luna Education! :)

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