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William Stidhem
William Stidhem
Don't do it! PIC ATTACHED! They destroyed our online presence. They got ALL 4K of our products disapproved by google, and they stopped tracking conversions. This ruins google campaigns for the long run since AI uses conversions and products to alter your campaigns. This took place over several months, but they just ignored it and continued to take our money. The CEO, Jamison Hollister, just sent me an email telling me that I am a liar and that it was my fault... for real.
Reply from 2021.08.09
This issue has been raised directly with William, and he has repeatedly promised to remove the review and now become very unprofessional when we pointed out it was his actions after working with him that caused the issues. MTR were selling PPE at a time when Google were preventing PPE being sold via Google shopping. William often struggled to understand this Google policy on PPE and disagrees with it, but its Google's policy. After parting ways from Click Convert, William, who took over the management of the campaigns enabled Canada as a location on the feed in the Google Merchant Center. This was done without including the corresponding shipping rates. As such this doubled the number of products, which then made it appear on the diagnosis graph like 50% (4000) of products had been disapproved. The original products remained functional on the USA feed, which is the only location MTR sold products including PPE. William has no answer for this, as apparently only 40 products remain, when in fact 4000 were live and his traffic continued as well. We showed him this in the Merchant Centre but he struggles with the Merchant Centre. We did see a noticeable drop in the number of conversion goals towards the end of our collaboration. We promptly brought this to Williams attention and assisted in resolving the issue. This was despite this issue pertaining to the interference with the shopping plugin by William's internal team. We discovered that the new feed plugin applied UTM tracking code away from the usual Google Ads tracking to PLA. Google Ads could then not accurately attribute the conversions to the campaigns. . Below is a copy of the email from William ceasing our collaboration: From: William Stidhem Date: Wed, 12 May 2021 at 19:19 Subject: Med-Tech Google Ads Campaign To: Victoria and Fraser We have made the decision to manage our marketing in-house and will no longer be needing the help of Click Convert. We would like to thank you for all that you have done for us. If we end up going back to outside management, we will keep you in mind. Thanks

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