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Alex Bale
Alex Bale
There are no words to describe how grateful I am to Dr Maurino. In 2001 I had a PRK surgery in Italy that unfortunately led to some serious complications. With time, my left eye was getting worse and worse and after been seen by different surgeons both in Italy and in the UK I was told that sadly there were no many hopes left. I was seriously starting to fear that I would slowly lose my sight from that eye for ever. Finally in 2019 an experienced professor told me that an attempt to slightly improve my situation could've been done. However, during the surgery the professor realised that it would be too risky to continue and he abandoned the procedure. After this sad experience I decided to eventually give up. But miracles sometimes happen when the right time arrives and when the right people appear. In August 2020 I've been blessed enough to meet Doctor Maurino on my path after finding an article on line. One week later a friend told me that they sorted a big sight issue thanks to Mr Maurino and I considered that as a sign. I immediately booked an appointment and I met Dr Maurino one week later. He was extremely professional, honest and upfront when considering a potential surgery. I was informed of all the side effects and possible complications of a potential new surgery. Even if very scared I knew that I was in great hands and I decided to take the risk and to totally rely on Mr Maurino's experience and great reputation. In June 2020 I got my eye operated and I started a new life. It's difficult to put into words how happy I was when the day after the surgery I removed the bandage and found out that after 20 years my sight had considerably improved. I can describe this surgery like a life changing event. I will never be able to thank enough Mr Maurino for what he did for me, but the only thing I can do is at least to strongly recomend him to everyone. Alessandro Balestrieri

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