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Brooke Rutherford
Brooke Rutherford
This guy is good. I went for consultations with two different doctors. Mr Maurino had the heart of a teacher, explained WHY I needed the more involved (and painful) eye surgery, showing me diagrams and graphs and calculations. He was very thorough, caring, and considerate. The surgery itself was a little traumatic for me because I’m weird about my eyes and I’m an absolute wuss when it comes to anything medical, but it was over very fast and he was firm with me when I needed it. In hindsight I wish I didn’t take any anti-anxiety meds (he suggested they weren’t necessary, but I was paying for private so I wanted all the drugs lol). I had my eyes check recently and the doctor was amazed at what great shape my eyes were in. She couldn’t tell I had surgery at all because there were no scars. I would hands down recommend this surgeon. Worth every penny. Dresses well too. 👌🏻

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