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Some years ago I had a Lentis M plus ILO inserted in each eye. One of these opacified and my vision was severely restricted in that eye. I went back to the company that did the original operation and was told that I needed to have the defective lens removed and a new larger single focus lens introduced in front of the capsular bag and behind the Iris, This would give me distance vision only in that eye, with the possibility of some futher laser surgery. I did not think this was the best option and contacted Moorfields eye hospital. I saw Dr Maurino and he has removed the defective lens and installed a new multifocus I L O. in the capsular bag and the result is wonderful. I beleive the original advice was poor and that Dr Maurino appears to operate at a higher level than the surgeons who initially advised me. I believe Dr Maurino is a very gifted surgeon, and based on my own experiance would recommend anyone with a similar problem to contact him. Good Luck to anyone with this problem

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