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C R Smith
C R Smith
Mr. Vincenzo Maurino Took Me From Near-Blindness To Perfect Vision I am an active 72-year-old woman in great physical condition, apart from my failing eyesight. Prior to lens replacement surgery with Mr. Maurino, I was nearly blind in both eyes due to very advanced cataracts. Seeing through my eyes was like trying to look out a window with the shades pulled down. That was because the lenses were so badly clouded-over due to advanced cataracts. I and my husband selected Mr. Maurino to perform the surgeries because of Mr. Maurino’s extremely high-level expertise in this field. He is the director of the cataract surgery department at the renowned Moorfields Private Eye Hospital in central London. He is the author of dozens of peer-reviewed treatises which deal with the most advanced aspects of cataracts and lens replacement surgery. He teaches advanced aspects to other cataract surgeons. Before continuing with this review, I must point out to everyone reading this that no one asked me to write any review at all. I am doing this because I want to help others who have lost their vision like myself. If I am able to influence even one single person who is going blind to place their trust (and their very vision itself) in the hands of Mr. Maurino, then they too may be restored to perfect vision as I was. The surgery itself was relatively painless. There was only a mild level of discomfort. Mr. Maurino was kind and compassionate during the surgeries and provided clear instructions for me to follow during each surgery in terms of what he wanted me to look at and how to best assist him in keeping perfectly still for him. I didn’t even need sedation because that is the level of his skill. With my long-distance vision, my mid-distance vision, my near-distance vision, and my reading vision now restored to near-perfect level, I and my husband knew that I had gone from nearly blind to having excellent vision after just two surgeries spaced one week apart. This review would not be complete without attributing this VISION MIRACLE to the skill and expertise which Mr. Maurino possesses… his gift. If this review sounds extreme, it’s because the miracle of my eyesight being restored from near-blind to perfect vision is, in fact, a MIRACLE. If this review heaps praise on Mr. Maurino, it is because he deserves it and because I and my husband will be eternally grateful to him for this gift of sight which God has given us through Mr. Maurino’s hands. Needless to say, we believe that Mr. Maurino is not only the best cataract surgeon in England… he may be one of the best in all of Europe. This is my story and my experience with Mr. Maurino, a miracle worker who deserves the highest praise and who richly deserves it. May he be richly and eternally blessed for the good which he brings to mankind. Mr. Maurino and Moorfields Eye Hospital are unquestionably strong proponents of the Hippocratic oath… to that I can personally attest. My well-being was Mr. Maurino’s top priority. His behaviour at all times was both honest and ethical and clearly looking out after my well-being and best interests. I thought his financial charges were very fair. WORTH EVERY PENNY AND A LOT MORE. Thank you, Mr. Maurino for everything you’ve done for me. The dozens of top-flight reviews about Mr. Maurino which are found on Trust Pilot reflect the high-quality, superb level of excellence which I, myself, experienced as Mr. Maurino’s patient. I don’t know how to thank you enough Mr. Maurino. I know you are and will be truly blessed for all the good you’ve done for so many of us patients who were going blind and can now see again. Sincerely, C. Smith

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