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Marie Walker
Marie Walker
Both my husband & I have had back issues for years due to earlier strains from working, standing & dancing (me). I also have been told my knees will probably have to be replaced some day. I reasoned that we have been putting $ (& our employers, too) into 401k, for what? …Our health! Why not do this? So we did! Had our final injection today, platelet rich plasma. We have felt better over the last 8 weeks than in a long time. We are 70’ish. If you can afford it & you have questionable mobility, you owe it to your family and self to try it. I have no regrets over spending the $$!!!!! Thank you, QC Kinetix!
Reply from 2021.09.20
Hi, Marie. We, QC Kinetix (Homewood), are inspired by your review about our bach and knee pain treatment and wish you all the best in the future!

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