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Barry Rogers
Barry Rogers
Highly recommend, Eliminated pain, nags and issues from old/recurrent injuries. Staff is great, very friendly and helpful. Got better results than I expected. Long story (for those that like to know more): 7 years ago I had intense (8-10 pain) lower back, buttocks, and thigh pain. also, lost some calf muscle on the right side. I really couldn't be sitting, standing or upright for any length of time. I had to stay laying to keep the pain to a minimum. I had been told it was sciatic, degenerative disk, and piriformis. nobody who told me those things could help aside from giving me meds, adjustments, and stretches to do. Eventually I went to a massage therapist. After seeing them the pressure at the worst origin of the pain was relieved. I was able to stretch with results, exercise and build back my mobility for the most part. But something still always felt off. I wasn't comfortable in a seated position for long periods, like in a car. standing was not painful but created a stiff feeling. It was manageable and I lived with the little nagging things I still had. my calf also did not shape back up. 11 months ago I re-injured my back and buttocks. I was back to 7 years ago no standing, sitting, or doing anything without intense (8-10) pain. Just laying around. I tried acupuncture, chiro and massage. These only seemed to help for short time frames. I was being pushed towards steroids and surgery by some. After hearing about QC Kinetix, I went to them. Having only money to lose I decided to give it a shot. After starting treatment, I was able to start doing things for short periods. Then I was able to go back to work. Progressively I just kept feeling better and better. Even the little nagging uncomfortable things that I thought I'd have to live with from 7 years ago have disappeared. I can sit and ride in a car and not be uncomfortable. I can stand and not feel stiff. I'm really impressed that even after 7 years I have been able to gain improvements over that old injury. Even my calf appears to gaining some muscle and shaping back up. At this point I'm so impressed, I would try it for things they haven't recommended it for. But I'm crazy.

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