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Barbara Smoker
Barbara Smoker
I have been so very pleased with QC Kinetix here in Bradenton Florida. The staff are all Top Notch and always available to answer questions and give you the best of information. They are pleasant and easy to talk to with knowledge and experience that surpasses any western medicine doctor I have ever talked to or had experience with. It is expentive and worth every penny as our bodies are our temples entrusted in our care and without doubt I felt very confident safe and secure and that their job is to take care of my body and they have done just that. I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone and everyone. When I walked into QCKINETIX office I had already seen a surgeon and had researched all of the surgical procedure pain discomfort and recovery I had also done all my research on QC Kinetix. As you can see having read the above paragraph I chose QCKinetix and I don't have any doubts that I chose the right one and the very best team to fix my broken body. Barbara

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