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Fahrschule Horlacher是一家非常棒的驾校,特别是驾校老师Stefan给了我非常大的帮助和耐心的专业指导,我和我的同事及朋友都是在Stefan的指导下顺利的完成了驾照考试,如果你不懂德语也没有关系,教练会用英文跟你解释,我有着完美的体验在这个驾校,而且我也会继续推荐我的同事和朋友报名这间驾校完成他们的驾照考试。再次感谢Stefan老师以及所有驾校工作人员给我的帮助与鼓励!谢谢! Fahrschule Horlacher is a very good driving school. In particular, the driving school teacher Stefan has given me great help and patient professional guidance. My colleagues and friends and I have successfully completed the driving license test under the guidance of Stefan. If you It doesn't matter if you don't know German. The coach will explain to you in English. I have a perfect experience in this driving school, and I will continue to recommend my colleagues and friends to sign up for this driving school to complete their driving license test. Thanks again to teacher Stefan and all the driving school staff for their help and encouragement! Thank you!

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