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Cory Haibloom
Cory Haibloom
We recently flew to Florida to bring my mother-in-law back with us to California so that she could live nearby in assisted living. Based on great reviews and a very good feeling after an initial phone conversation, we asked Bonnie to handle the sale of the house and the items within it, as she promised that she would take care of all of the details, enabling us to focus on getting Mom ready to come back with us to California. We arrived to find a hoarder house that was grossly infested with bed bugs, and so cluttered and disorganized that even finding many important papers became an impossible task. Things were in such poor condition that we feared we would have to surrender the house back to the bank, rather than bring Mom back with a nice little nest egg in her bank account. Despite the nightmarish conditions, Bonnie and her team were true to their word. While Bonnie rightfully informed us that the house contents could not be sold due to the bug infestation, they cleaned out the house (four dumpsters worth!), found a buyer who was willing to handle the bedbug problem, and somehow managed to sell the house and a car at a small profit for Mom. Anyone else would have walked away from this disaster, but Bonnie stuck with us, worked with us, kept us informed, and managed to get us through it. Anyone looking for someone to manage their estate sale or the sale of their home would be hard pressed to find anyone with more experience, professionalism, ethics, or commitment to their client. We could not recommend her enough.

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