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Brian S. (Scott) Manning
Brian S. (Scott) Manning
I came across Donna’s YouTube videos in 2017 while going through issues concerning the breakup of a relationship. I found her videos answered most of my questions, however, I was still seeking answers. I contacted Donna for a couple of coaching sessions and I was amazed by her candor and her friendliness! It truly is like talking to a best friend! Her advice has been relevant, her stories and anecdotes insightful and her willingness to stay connected and available extremely helpful. Four years later, I still have dating questions and go to Donna for answers...and she still remembers my past issues! LOL! I truly recommend Donna for help in all relationship areas - especially where there is doubt a relationship is right for me. Sometimes the best thing to do is “hit the pause button,” remind myself of my value and the goodness of my heart - and consider a breakup!
Reply from 2021.05.20
Thank you for your kind support of my coaching Scott. I genuinely enjoy helping you and will always be here for you. I'm proud of you for the wonderful man you are!

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