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Carol Beach
Carol Beach
I have to go to another Dentist today to correct my bite .This Dentist said you carnt change my bite .Other Dentist put bite right . Do not pay upfront Worse dentist I ever been to. Today I been to a very good dentist and she done grand job on my teeth.
Reply from 2020.02.28
Hello Carol, the crown could have a high point in occlusion which can be adjusted..Since you had to go to another dentist for this , we apologize for the trouble. If you can get in writing from them that the crown is wrongly done , I will happily refund your money , infact pay twice the amount. We saw you today morning itself for the crown fitting and till evening time you had to go to another Dentist is surprising.You could have atleast let us know ?. You have my phone number as well, but you have not called or left any message regarding the high point....surprising Would have appreciated you at least letting us know before posting a review .A crown can be corrected, replaced .We do mainly full mouth rehabilitation and implant complex cases so I think we could have easily corrected a crown or redone .Social media has many advantages but disadvantages too where one high point can give a detrimental and business threatening review and some people use that advantage in the best possible way WE HAVE A CCTV CAMERA in our consultancy which has clearly captured your consent that the ""the bite is ok now,, I am happy"".If you wish I can add it here as a video.

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