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sanj k
sanj k
Had a hydro facial yesterday at rejunven8, firstly the lady at reception is so robotic felt a very cold welcome just walking in. the consultation the nurse kept saying she’d recommend not having the facial 3 days before holiday when I stated twice I’ve had manyyyy hydra facials (in other clinics) before holiday she said “do you do them to tan?” Kept trying to put me off having it I felt. I understand they are professionals but the tone she spoke was stuck up in my opinion . Nurse said she’d give me a sample of spf mentioned this to lady who did my facial I was given nothing minus the aftercare Also the treatment room was tiny , the facial was not luxurious at all no double cleanse only used tee tree cleanser. The actual lady carrying on the hydra facial was lovely . No complaints on her. But the actual treatment , no serum applied was just cleanser , extractions, the acid peels, led lights (which was almost 1/3 of the treatment 20 mins) then the cream I’ve paid more for facials in the past was looking for a cheaper options but I guess you get what you paid for £75 AVERAGE results. also the extractions were not done well the scrubber they used was awful never had that used on a hydra/o facial They offer £20 voucher if you give them a review hence why majority of these reviews are good. But this place was average
Reply from 2021.11.05
Hi Sanjidah, Thank you for your review. You came in yesterday and wanted a Hydrafacial. I am the nurse that carried out your skin consultation. After I thoroughly examined your skin, we advised you that we do not recommend to have a Hydrafacial 2 days prior going on holiday in case you experience any side effects regardless if you have had Hydrafacial’s in the past. You were adamant you still wanted to go ahead. We can only advise clients and was not trying to put you off. All our Hydrafacial include 3 mini peel of Lactic, salicylic and vitamin c. All serums are applied after treatment. All Hydrafacial are one hour, Once you’re Hydrafacial was complete I personally asked you how the Hydrafacial was? And examined your skin. You had responded “it feels great and I’m very happy with it”.You even thanked me at the end for all the advise. I was Very surprised to read your review, it contradicts our conversation. We work very hard to make all our patients comfortable and patient care is very important to us hence why we advise accordingly. We are happy to hear constructive criticism. It’s quite clear from your review that it was only written to jeopardise our reputation.

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