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Thao Phan
Thao Phan
I'm so thankful my friend had referred my to Luna Education. My eldest daughter has been struggling with school and we wanted a way to help her as me helping her was just not working. It may be my expectation for her was to high and tweenage years with mom wasn't going well. We decided to seek out a tutor who would be able to help her on a one to one basis as we knew a group setting wasn't something she works well in (social butterfly). And here we are, almost 1.5 years and the tutor Luna paired with my daughter has been amazing. My daughter has gotten more confidence and is more inclined to talk the tutor for help. Her grades improved, her mood improved, our relationship improved. I can't thank Luna Education enough for their assistance and help. They cater to our needs to ensure my daughter was getting the help she needed and help for what she could improve on. Our relationship with our tutor is awesome. Denise has been a great addition to our lives. Thank you so much Luna Education!

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