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LJW Florent
LJW Florent
Bad customer service over the phone. Initially I stated that as I have made numerous enquiries online about infant swimming, I couldn't remember exactly which company it was and their policies so I tried to ask some questions to remember. I have no problem with your policy or those who enforce it. My issue is the tone of the employee I spoke to, that fact that I was continuously interupted and not left to finish my questions. Towards the end of the phone call I admit that my tone had changed also because by this time I was frustrated with how I was being handled. Finally I was in the middle of stating that I couldn't attend the full course so there was no point as you do not give make up lessons, the lady cut me off and stated "I hope you find what you are looking for, goodbye" and hung up on me. So I called back and responded "your customer service is terrible" and hung up the phone. Nothing insulting, just stated the truth and left the employee feeling exactly how they made me feel. In conclusion, blue wave swim, you are entitled to your policy and I have no problems with it. My problem is with your impatient employee.
Reply from 2021.11.04
Dear LJW Florent who already submitted a review today under miqueya arias with the same story and complaint. We investigated your complaint and had already responded to miqueya arias (see below). Once again we find it extremely unusual that you keep posting reviews about us under different names when you have never been our customer. LJW Florent or miqueya arias or whatever your name is, your real motivation for keep posting bad reviews about us when you have never been our client is very unclear to us. Nonetheless, we really did try to deal with your complaint professionally. We really do hope you will find a company that can deliver services based on your expectations. For people who are reading this review, please see our response to the review left by miqueya arias (one below) if you are interested to know more about this individual and her complaint.

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