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The team at Hair Loss Experts are extremely friendly and professional. Tammie, the owner, is welcoming and thorough about the type of procedure you are paying for. It has only been two weeks of using the Sunetics System, but I feel confident that the results will appear after a couple of months. However, even after a couple weeks of using the Sunetics System, the texture of my hair feels different and shedding has decreased dramatically. Also, I did not decide on doing a hair transplant as the progression of thinning was in the early stages, but I did get a chance to chat with the physician and asked him a number of questions. He was so friendly and willing to take several minutes out of his busy day and answer all of my questions (and I had a lot). Finally, Tammie is very accommodating and will make the procedures affordable for each client, regardless of your financial situation. I want to thank the entire team at Hair Loss Experts!

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