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sohmi a
sohmi a
Do not go here for fillers. Go to Manor Health Clinic in LS13, much better. Not only have I been left with an uneven and bumpy looking jawline, when I went to have it reviewed I was told that I had to pay to get the filler dissolved or pay to have more filler in. I was told that it was because my face wasn’t symmetrical before, and so the jawline filler has exaggerated the problem I supposedly already had. First of all, I am yet to see a symmetrical face, I don’t think anybody has one. Secondly, if I had been told on consultation that the filler would have ‘exaggerated’ my problem areas I would never have got it. It is beyond me that Skinfinity think it is ok to leave a client with a bumpy uneven jawline and then ask for more money to solve the problem. After getting it reviewed from other clinics, I have been advised that I should ask for my money back as the job was badly done. There are parts of my jaw that have been overfilled and parts that are missing filler completely. I don’t know how they managed to make such a mess of it. I am going to put forward a complaint and push for a refund as I don’t see why I should forget the £650 I spent , not to mention having to deal with the anxiety of having a bumpy jawline for my wedding which is in 2 weeks. Other than the kind lady at reception (Hannah, I believe) who is lovely and helpful, this clinic is terrible.

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