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Andrew Warleigh
Andrew Warleigh
I had my transplant procedure at the Maitland Clinic seven months ago. I delayed giving my review until this stage so I could report not only about the day of the transplant but also the outcome. I was affected by male pattern baldness from the age of 34. I tried many processes to combat the onset and eventfully settled into wearing a professionally applied piece for several years. Although the piece was a good blend there were many negative points, the main one is what to do when you no longer want to wear it. I decided that the transplant route would probably give a good alternative. Having had the transplant procedure done by Dr Ball he advised me to be patient as the growth of the transplanted follicles could take up to twelve months. I had two areas transplanted, the front of my hairline and the crown. The front showed the quicker growth and after seven months this has been very successful with a very good coverage getting thicker and longer all the time. The growth on the crown has not been as fast but I do have a new layer of coverage and close inspection shows a very significant number of hairs growing and showing through. I don't doubt that these will continue to grow and the area will thicken over the next five months or so. So the answer to question for me “will it work?” is resoundingly “yes” and to date I am a happy person. Do I wish I had the transplant many years ago instead of the piece - “yes”. Just winding back to the initial consultation and the day of the procedure. I had consultations with three other hair transplant clinics and chose Maitland as they professionally explained everything thoroughly, answered all my questions with care and were not at all pushy. On the day of the procedure Dr Ball and the team were overwhelming expert at what they do and pretty painlessly so. The room was modern and airy. There was plenty of TV, movies etc to keep me entertained and refreshments and snacks to actually turn the day into a very comfortable experience. The aftercare information was top class and any questions arising were dealt with quickly. I definitely recommend Dr Ball, David and Janna and the whole team at the Maitland Clinic. Thank you to them.

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