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I can’t tell you how nervous I was on the morning I turned up at the clinic, however, as soon as I met Edward I knew I was going to be taken well care of. Some people just have a gift of making you feel at ease, which I believe you can sense immediately, Edward has this gift in abundance. It’s a hard thing to actually put into words, it’s just that Edward's sincerity, confidence and capabilities come across immediately and that is what puts everybody at ease. As did your own sincerity come across to me when I first met you, had I of not felt confident with you in our first meeting, I wouldn’t have gone with the Maitland Clinic. The whole team were genuinely very nice people and totally professional, I am so pleased I met you and choose to go with The Maitland Clinic. It’s day three now and it’s feeling and looking better every day, can’t stop looking at it. I never believed I could get so excited watching little black dots. Forehead is quite swollen today, just as it was explained to me it would be, however, things are starting to get back to normal now relating to some of the discomforts I’ve been experiencing after the procedure. Once again, I can’t thank you all enough for making me feel so comfortable and special on the day. Mr Tony Durnford - Kent

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