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K M Esquire
K M Esquire
The staff there were very unprofessional. I made an appointment for a consultation regarding implants that I would pay for out of pocket. I confirmed when I walked in that it would be a free consultation because I planned to get 2-3 opinions before selecting someone. The staff member said yes, it’s free. Then, while I’m waiting, she calls out to me and says it’s going to be $75. I said we just confirmed it’s a free consultation and that’s what I was told on the phone. She says, “No, I have $75 written here and that’s the fee.” I left. I’m planning to spend $5000-$10,000 on implants. I’m not going to pay you $75 to figure out if this is the practice where I will buy them. The dentist may very well be great, but that doesn’t matter if you can’t get past the unprofessional front desk staff to see him.

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