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Ian Hayes
Ian Hayes
I didn't learn to swim as a child - a year of my school's unsupervised sessions in an outdoor pool in all weathers only convinced me that swimming was no fun at all. Over the decades I have tried occasionally to learn, but have never managed to overcome my basic fear of water and especially, as I saw it, my fear of being out of my depth. Marjan picked up straightaway that the underlying problem was my lack of confidence in breathing underwater. So that's where we started, just breathing out with my face in the water, and being relaxed about it. To this we added walking, then gliding, then kicking and then arms. After just 3 sessions I already feel that I can now swim. I'm sure there is more to learn, but I'm very happy with the progress I have made. Marjan is a thoroughly professional teacher with a passion for teaching anyone, old or young, how to swim. I feel she really adapts what she is doing to what you need to address your own problems - this is not one-size-fits-all teaching - and paces it so that you are not overwhelmed, but make continuous progress. And it makes so much more sense for a teacher to be in the water with you, not shouting from the side. I would recommend Marjan and Blue Wave to anyone looking to improve their confidence and learn to swim.
Reply from 2022.06.22
Dear Ian, I am so glad to read your positive comment and so happy to see how much of the difference just a few lessons have made. At Blue Wave we really do care about our client regardless of theie age and swimming ability. We spend time and energy to figure out the best approach to help every individual on with their progression in swimming. Swimming is a very technical sport and requires a lot of attention to details for getting its teaching right. We are proud we are making a difference and helping you to become a better and more confident swimmer. keep up the good work! Marjan, founder & owner of Blue Wave Swim School

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