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Arianna A.
Arianna A.
I had gotten into a slip and fall accident and wasn't really sure I needed a chiropractor. I figured, yes I am pregnant and fell...I am just going to be sore a couple days and walk it off. I had never been to one before and didn't see the point of one or understood how they could even help. Boy was I wrong. After my initial visit with Dr. Danielle she informed me of all my misalignments post the accident and how it could affect my pregnancy and furthermore...could affect my labor/birth!! I was shocked but thankful for how well informed she was about the importance of chiropractic prenatal care and injuries. I have gone through 12 alignments and treatment visits and my pain is literally night and day. I would recommend them to everyone and especially woman who are pregnant ! It so important to make sure you are aligned so the baby has enough room to get in position to get out of the birth canal. I think this is the best thing I could have ever done as a first time mom.

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