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Gemma Phillipson
Gemma Phillipson
Absolutely terrible service. Went for my first appointment for Botox / Filler. They couldn’t do the Botox due to a stock issue. The nurse apologised in a very ‘matter of fact’ manor. Quite abrupt in tone. She then proceeded to do my filler in smile lines. It was discussed prior that the left crease was deeper so she would put more filler in that side. However during the procedure she hardly seemed to put any in the right side. The next day this was VERY obvious. Almost a lump on my left side near to my left nostril where it had been overfilled! I emailed the clinic to air my concerns and was assured this would be addressed during my next appointment (for Botox). I then called the clinic a week later for some reassurance on this. Again, I was told the nurse would look to ‘rectify’ any issues. I then went to my appointment for Botox. The nurse hadn’t read any of the notes on my record at all. Had no idea about the email and conversations. When I told her my concerns she wasn’t bothered in the slightest and told me that rectifying anything (putting more filler in my right side, or dissolving the filler in my left side) would be chargeable! Even when I said I wasn’t happy and was quite upset that my face looked clearly uneven, she didn’t seem to care. She agreed to massage the left side in the hope that the filler would break down more quickly. I then had the Botox injections. These were fine, however she said I could come back for a top up if I had too much movement in any area that she had treated. After two weeks I was mostly happy with the Botox result although felt I had a little too much lovely in frown lines. Called and made an appointment (which was difficult as they now only have one nurse and she evidently doesn’t work there all the time). On the day of my appointment I had a call / voicemail / text to say they had to cancel the appointment. It took 12 minutes on hold to get through (even though I was number 1 in the queue) and when I did get to speak to someone, she wanted to know how I felt about the Botox and if I definitely needed the top up (obviously I did think this as I wouldn’t have booked it otherwise), so she was obviously trying to get rid of patients as wasn’t able to fit people in. I told her to leave it and that I would go somewhere else as the overall experience had been dreadful. Do not go here.

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