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Stuart Adams
Stuart Adams
I had a few blocks of lessons with Gavin in 2021. Gavin helped me get my head around a lot of music theory concepts that I'd struggled with as a self learner. I wanted to learn how to play more melodically over a piece when improvising, but also wanted to tighten up my understanding of fundamentals; chord theory, intervals and scales. Gavin is great at this, and I find it a lot easier to talk about and engage with other musicians now as a result of his help. It's crazy to me that before I came to Gavin I wouldn't be able to do simple things like describe the difference between natural minor and harmonic minor, or how to describe intervals, or what modes are. The amount he was able to teach me in a short space of time was amazing. I'm not a fretboard wizard by any means, but I've advanced a lot both in terms of theory and playing since we had our lessons, and Gavin gave me an amazing boost. In lessons Gavin encourages curiousity and is really happy to help. His lessons are really cheerful and accomodating of your muscial interests and goals. I've still got a lot of learning left to do, but Gavin helped me find new interest in improving my guitar skills. Cheers Gavin!
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Thanks Stuart ?

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