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Claire Macnamara
Claire Macnamara
During the Covid Outbreak... I started hearing scratching through my walls. Being a ‘google expert!’ (as some of us tend to be these days....) and a big ‘fearty!!!!’ I knew this wasn’t something I could solve myself. I was already having sleepless nights that swarms of wasps were going to invade my home (I saw one wasp enter my home under the eaves!) or that my house would be eaten from the inside out by an infestation of rats/mice. Then after calling ‘Fife Pest Control Services’... along came Andy to my rescue. Never a more genuine worker in their post who straight away listened to my ‘theories’ and put me at ease. As it was during ‘lockdown last also- he was fully equipped for this so I vacated the premises to let him get on with the job. He knew it was most likely not wasps but for my anxiety levels I asked him to treat the eaves. We kept in touch over the next few days and as the noise worsened he came back as laid bait for what he knew this to be. He then came back again... to check up all was in hand. He was absolutely outstanding with his professionalism, you could just tell that he cared about the customer and what the problem was. He was there until the problem was well and truly solved. I will certainly be recommending them to any other ‘unfortunate’ household who is in need of a fantastic and reliable company. Well done and thank you.

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