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Reply: I asked once and then I asked one more time and you already got angry. I wrote that even in the worst case of 70 times (which I did not ask) then you would need to be patient if you want customers. It's just a form of exhaduration. I only asked twice!I didn't ask over and over and over like you're making it out to be. Expecting someone to remain calm after repeating my question once is quite reasonable. No one has an idea of what I went through with my child and her health and safety comes first! Have a lovely day I called them up because I wanted my daughter to start swimming lessons, she has medical conditions and she was in hospital for over 4.5 months, I double checked with the lady I spoke to on the phone if she won't be dunked under water and she replied "I already told you..." in a very dismissive tone. We are talking about my child's health, if I need to I'll ask the same question 70 times and expect the person I speak to, to be understanding and patient. The conversation got cut off by mistake when someone called me, but as I wasn't impressed with the woman's behaviour I didn't bother giving a call back after she left a voice message It's a shame because I felt it could have been the right fit for us but definitely not going to go with my daughter here. Customer service needs to be worked on.
Reply from 2022.07.23
Dear Lee, thank you for taking the time and providing your feedback. Firstly, it's a bit unusual for us to see that instead of approaching us first to make a complaint about how your enquiry was handled, you made a decision to write a review about us here based on one phone call and when you have never been our client. Nonetheless, since we care about our customer service we looked into your complaint and this is what we found out. You phoned us this week and enquired about our baby swim lessons for your baby who was born prematurely by 3 months. Over the telephone conversation, you had asked our team member several times and repeatedly if we submerge babies in our baby swimming lessons or forcefully push babies under the water. Our staff repeatedly assured you that this is not our method for teaching babies and this is not what we do in our baby swimming lessons. However, you kept asking the same question over and over as if you didn't believe the answer she was giving you. Finally, after asking the same question several times and getting exactly the same answer, the phone line was disconnected. Our team member had tried to call you back, after the line was disconnected but, couldn't reach you and left a message. We never heard back from you again. So, we really tried to help you with your enquiry in the best way possible. In your own review, you also stated 'if I need to I'll ask the same question 70 times and expect the person I speak to, to be understanding and patient'. We'd really like to be helpful to all people who make swim lessons enquiries to us. However, we think you could have been a bit more reasonable to expect us to deal with your enquiry in the same format and standard that we deal with all enquiries. Unfortunately, it seems we didn't meet your expectations on this occasion but, we think our staff was very reasonable and she did her best to help you. Hope you will find a suitable alternative for your baby and wish you all the best. You may find this blog about baby swimming useful:

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