Sophie Ingham
Sophie Ingham
Mesotherapy treatment - fantastic! I have always been very conscious of the dark circles under my eyes and wouldn't dream of ever leaving the house without applying several layers of concealer in an attempt to cover them. I started researching different treatments to try and reduce them, but felt all options available were too risky or surgical based. I have visited Claire for many years for my beauty treatments and often moaned to her about my dark circles and wanting to get rid of them. She suggested I try Mesotherapy treatment, which is a natural skin booster filled with all the vitamins, minerals and Amino acids that your skin needs to look and be healthy. I researched the treatment and was really excited to have found a natural solution that could work. I have finished my first treatment (out of a course of three) and am so impressed and happy with the results. My dark circles and fine lines around my eyes have already significantly reduced and the feel of my skin is so much better. I was so relieved when undergoing the treatment as it didn't really hurt at all and Claire talked me though each stage of the process, so I felt really comfortable and informed about what was happening. I can't wait to complete the course and see the end results. I have already reduced the amount of concealer I use and feel a lot more confident now that my dark circles have visibility reduced.

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