Forever Thatter
Forever Thatter
AVOID like the plague Longtime repeat customer going back several years with zero prior issues. After a few months of not using it I opted to buy 1 month, but the usual credit card method now only lets you buy 3+ months and higher. Paypal refused to work every time (which means Paypal has now blacklisted them - for good reason). So I was forced to use a different credit card vendor that made me jump through several hoops including requiring my phone number & taking ages to process payment. Finally got premium but only lasted about 2 days before my account reverted back to Free, and was told the payment was reversed, despite me using the same credit card I'd used prior with no issues. I have no idea why this happened, other than because that new credit card vendor is dodgy-af. Now they tell me that credit card option is no longer available to me and I can only use the main option, as long as I select to pay for at least 3 months (ain't frikkin happening, sweetheart) OR pay with Bitcoin. Also ain't happening, because Bitcoin is NOT refundable, so if anything goes wrong I lose my money. So since I used Upstore last earlier this year, most of their legit payment providers have dropped them like a nasty habit, and they've gotten greedier and plain predatory. Their "free user slots" is an absolute LIE because it has NEVER ever worked, no matter how many days I wait or what time of the day I try. After I pointed this out to customer support, they called me a "cheater" that's trying to use their service for free. Even though the so-called free slots feature is their own doing, not mine. They clearly do NOT value their longtime customers and only think of us as their personal cash pigs.

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