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Tasneem Abrahams
Tasneem Abrahams
***Review update*** Ok so as you will see I previously highly recommended Steve, however being the long term loyal customer I have been. I'm very hurt by my most recent experience and feel it's only fair I share so others don't experience the same. Due to my youngest disabled twin son at school testing positive for covid at the specalist school he attends with his eldest twin brother I had to collect him. I notified Steve straight away. He then stated that I would be required to still pay half for cancelling within 24 hours of my appointment. Now I wouldn't of minded if Steve had informed me such a cancellation policy being in place especially as I've been a long term loyal customer since 2017. It was only a few weeks before Steve himself contacted me within his own so called 24 hour policy telling me his got no childcare for his children as his Mother has had to attend hospital appointment with his Father so he needs to come later as he has no childcare. Me being a single disabled neurodiverse (Severe ADHD Moderate Autism) parent to twin disabled twin son's I understood and happily accepted despite it actually putting me out with my own pre-booked commitments, because like him I am a parent and I understood how such circumstances can arise. Funny he never infomed me of his 24 hour cancellation policy then. I informed Steve I am unhappy at this as I assumed we had built a very good long term customer relationship over these years. A friendly warning that he would have to enforce the cancellation policy should it occurs again would of been both respected and adhered to by myself. So my advice make sure you are aware of this cancellation policy to avoid the breakdown of our 5 year relationship. Steve needs to remember that his business isn't irreplaceable, when it comes to money one can always go elsewhere but finding and keeping long term loyal customers is much harder! I would highly recommend Livewell Health. Steve is not only a expert in this area due to the high level of qualfication and in depth knowledge, he also gives 5Star customer service by always going that extra mile to make sure his client is satisfied whlist being highly professional at the same time. I have tried so many in the past and the number 1 reason why I went elsewhere was because they seemed to take my regular loyal custom for granted. This is why Steve's service is truly diverse and in my opinion he earns every penny for the high level of work he puts in!
Reply from 2022.10.05
Hi Tasha. I am very sorry to see this review from yourself however I must admit I am not surprised. To add some context to your 2-star review: 1) Firstly, yes we very much value all of our customers and therefore we try our best to be flexible on every aspect of our service, pricing and the cancellation policy, however, we also have to be fair across the board to all of our clients some of which are on waiting lists with genuine pain and cannot take a slot that becomes available the hour prior. 2) I feel I have really gone the extra mile for you Tash, as you stated in your previous review and I quote “”he also gives 5 Star customer service by always going that extra mile”. As you may not be aware, I do not typically do mobile anymore, only for emergency cases or people who are physically unable to travel. I have, however, continued to offer you this mobile service, because I valued your custom. This is even though you pay £25 per hour under my mobile prices (as agreed by me and by not putting my prices up when I have for everyone else) and to consider you are in an area I do not even cover given the 25–30-minute travel time. 3) In relation to the cancellation policy, this has been in place since 2014 and you would have been sent an appointment confirmation when we first met with a link to this policy. This is also clearly stated on our website. That said however, you had cancelled your appointments with me 5 times in the last year alone, most usually within 1 or 2 hours of the appointment, all of which were cancelled on the day. This is just unacceptable in any business. That said I never enforced the cancellation policy, again because I respected your custom and our friendship. On the 2nd to last time, I did give you a gentle reminder of our policy and then on the last cancellation I only enforced 50% of the cancellation policy, I am not sure what more I could of done? No other business would have been so forgiving or flexible and as a rule I very rarely enforce the cancellation policy, it is only usually on repeat offenders. Which I do not think anyone reading this review will see as anything other than flexible and understandable. 4) I am not sure what relevance your children’s disability or your own has in regard to this review and our cancellation policy? However, as you have brought this up, this was another reason why I had offered you significant discounts on hourly rates and continued to offer you a mobile service, in order for you to be at home and able to attend any needs of your children in short order. 5) You cannot expect me, in the current conditions, when we all have bills to pay, to just keep letting you take up a 3-hour period in my diary and not show up. That’s 3 people that I could of helped. You had also told me the previous 2 times that covid was the reason for cancelling, whether this was the reason or not, it can’t just be a reason not to enforce a cancellation policy especially when this was the 5th time overall and the 2nd in a run where it weas “covid” related. 6) After we had this discussion, you then blocked me on WhatsApp, so I couldn't even speak to you. All this said and done, I have valued your custom and friendship and I am sorry my cancellation policy and my generosity towards you and your family are a reason for a 2 star review. I wish you all the best in the future and I hope you can find a therapist that is more flexible to your situation.

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