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Christine Duckhouse
Christine Duckhouse
I was partially drawn to By Selina because of the eco friendly containers she has chosen to use. So why was I surprised to see her eco friendly packaging but I was, right down to the paper sealing tape. The pumps for the bottles are pure genius. How many times during the summer , I've reached for the conditioner and poured half a bottle into my hand! Onto the products themselves. Both the cleanser/conditioner and curl gel smell so fresh and fruity but its not over powering at all . The products effectively clean and condition your hair with no harsh chemicals used. When you change products it always takes a while to establish how much to use in your routine. So far I've used too much and not enough of the Curl Gel , today I'm hoping that I've got it just right. What I can say with certainty is my curls are well hydrated, defined and are in smaller clumps which I love.

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