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Tami Martin
Tami Martin
Having just finished the last of my treatments for my back, I wanted to share my experience with others who maybe looking for an alternative to traditional surgery options. First let me say how exciting it is to have an alternative to consider! I am not alone when I say the invasion of surgery scares me more than living with the back pain itself! The idea of regenating ones body with one's OWN body is amazing & along time coming. I found all the people who believe and share their enthusiasm for this therapy to be warm, welcoming & very helpful when asking questions - ask what you want! They can help you follow what they want you to accomplish. They even have a beautiful fur baby for extra warmth if your ❤️ desires! This is a required treatment plan & you must know that your injury took a while to be uncomfortable or worse, so it goes to reason that your treatment plan will be multiple visits & wait periods to give full opportunity for everything to work in conjunction. No quick fixes - nothing good ever is. I am lucky, successful & thankful in that I am pain free & able bodied enough to take care of the back breaking work that this Hurricane ian has brought- You never know when or how important your mobility & health will be to your own survival until it isn't.
Reply from 2022.10.11
Tami: Thank you so much for your kind words. It is so wonderful that you and Rob had such great results! We will definitely miss seeing you guys in the clinic but are so pleased at your results! You are absolutely right when you say there is no better treatment than using your own biologics to heal your body and deal with chronic pain. Thank you so much for trusting us with your care. The team at QC Kinetix

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