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Shahzada Arora
Shahzada Arora
Worst experience ever. This was the worst hostel experience ever with a hostel. The staff is very rude and they don't want guests to be in the hostel, they just want to sit and chill. I called them a night before to make sure that will they be able to give me a bed at 5 in the morning, when I reached near the hostel and called them to know the directions, Mr. Amit was on the line and he told me it was 30 minutes walking while actually, it was just 2 minutes. When finally I was able to find the hostel, they told me to go to the room 302, the property was open and there is no security, without ID they asked me to just go sleep in the room which is very bad for other hostellers security, I reached the room and called him again to ask for where I can get water, he said there is a dispenser on the second floor, I checked it and it was empty, when I called him to tell him that, he said I am sleeping and it is not my responsibility to provide water, either go out and arrange or sleep thirsty. I somehow managed with few drops whichever left in the dispenser and slept. In the morning I saw the owner of the hostel and when I told him about the whole situation, he politely apologized and said that he will take some action on it. Next day when I went down for breakfast, Mr. Amit came to me and asked me if I had complained to the owner, I said yes, then he said I will beat you, because of you, my job is in danger. All the staff came together and tried to abuse me and warned me that "we are pahadis and we will break all your bones". I recommend everyone to stay away from this Hostel.

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