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Awful Security and Service This review could have very easily gone the other way. On the last night at 4AM, 7 blokes who werent staying here walked into the dorm and turned on all the lights and started making an absolute ruckus. Three of them then hopped into unpaid for beds, whilst the others continued to basically scream out in the corridor. Management refused to do anything slash was non existent, even in the morning no one could point me to the manager to complain. With three uninvited guests in the rooms and with all the noise, I was so flustered that I couldnt sleep after that. Absolutely shocking practice. Its sad that I have to write this, because until then the hostel was fairly good; big rooms, comfy bed, toilets ok and showers good for three minutes of hot water. Balcony also good and very social hostel. However I simply cannot look past how lax it was to get into a supposedly private dormitory, and how such rude guests were left unchecked by any staff. Do not stay here if you value your sleep, privacy or security.

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