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Najah French
Najah French
This place is so unprofessional. My family and I have been patients here for over 5 years now. They haven’t always been like this but they have new staff that are either rude or don’t know what they’re doing. Numerous times they have rescheduled my appointment because of a mistake THEY made. Today they cancelled my appointment 4 hours before hand because they said I haven’t contacted them back which is a lie. Every time I contact them they don’t answer or on a lunch break. When the receptionist tried to reschedule me she was acting like she was doing me a favor because she was “squeezing me in” for 2:30 appt on the 28th. Speaking of squeezing in, they will have you waiting for hours if you let them. I’ve had to leave before even seeing the dentist himself because they overbook SO often. I was due for a dental appointment in MAY and had to reschedule to NOVEMBER because they accidentally booked me on a day the office was closed. They really make it hard to support a black owned business but today was the last straw. I’m over it and I’m never coming back I wouldn’t recommend this place to my worst enemy.

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