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Kelly O.
Kelly O.
A few points I'd like to say about this cleaning service. I was looking for someone to come ASAP since I haven't been able to clean as much as I'd like due to being out of work on disability for a bad back. The person I talked to when I called was very nice, helpful and they got two lady's here for a 3 hour cleaning within the hour. That was great service. One of the lady's didn't speak any English and the other spoke very little. I was very clear that we have cats so the doors couldn't be left open which I thought they understood, I was wrong. The first time I found they left the back door open I told them again and stressed it again not to leave it open. My son and I found the cats. Then about an hour later my husband saw the door open and when he told them the same thing it seemed that they thought since it was only half open it was ok. Thank goddess our cats didn't walk out. When they came to clean my room I tried to tell the lady 3 times that my husband bedside table should be left alone (it's a disaster and not something anyone but him should try and deal with) but she didn't understand so I finally had to just repeat stop, leave it alone please. Other then that they cleaned well which I was thankful for. I wouldn't book them unless your bilingual so that your needs and requests can be understood.

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