Bee-Dazzled Cleaning Services

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Lisa D.
Lisa D.
BEWARE! BEWARE! BEWARE! Belinda was kind on the phone, but this "cleaning service" is basically someone coming in with some home supplies and is not a "professional cleaning agency". When I booked her service, she guaranteed 2 people would come and complete the move-in cleaning in 3-4 hours. She showed up alone which made me hesitant and suspicious about trusting her right off the bat. She said her assistant was unable to come. I asked if she could handle the job alone in under 4 hours. I did a walk-through of the entire place so she could assess the job and make her own decision. She said the place looked like it was in fairly clean, good condition and that she could do it BY HERSELF in 4 hours. I told her that she's the professional and that I trust her judgment. I should have heeded to the warning signs, but we needed to rent out the property in two days. She appeared sincere and guaranteed she would complete the job ALONE in 4 hours so we allowed her to start. We trusted her. Next, time I will trust my instincts and just heeded to the warning signs that kept coming....Warning Sign #1: She said two people would come to do the job. She came by herself.Warning Sign #2: She pulled out a small box of cleaning supplies from her trunk. Where was the rest? I had more cleaning supplies under my the kitchen sink than she had in her box!Warning Sign #3: She pulled out a 20 year old vacuum. Warning Sign #4: She had to borrow my vacuum to clean the floors because hers did not have enough suction since it was so old.Warning Sign #5: Anything above 6 feet remained dirty. The top half of the mirrors were still dirty. I asked if she meant to leave them with streaks. She said she couldn't reach it. She asked IF I had a step ladder! So, how was she expecting to dust the shelves and lights like it was advertised on her website??? Warning Sign #6: The closet shelves were still dirty and dusty. She said she cleaned them, but when I pointed out the huge layer of dust she said she couldn't see and needed a step ladder to reach shelves! Isn't that her job to bring one? Does she think that all shelves and light fixtures are only 4 feet high? Warning Sign #7: Anything above 5 feet, vents, shelves, mirrors, etc.... remained dirty and dusty.Warning Sign #8: She left a thick layer of comet residue on the tub and counters. It was so thick I was thought it was dust. I asked if it was supposed to be like that...she said she forgot to wipe it off. Warning Sign #9 : The tubs still had grime on the sides and she said that was the best she could do. My 70 year old mother climbed in and started scrubbing it out. Belinda said it was because she had been scrubbing for so long that she loosened must have loosened it up first. hahaha.....Warning Sign #10 : She yanked out the blinds from the brackets and broke them and said that they must have not been installed correctly. She blamed the blinds!!Warning Sign #11: She said that when she agreed to clean the windows she did not recall agreeing to cleaning the tracks. I told her I have an email saying she would. She denied it. Warning Sign #12: She said that this job is bigger than she expected and that she will be there for more than 4 hours. Warning Sign #13: She cleaned the outside of the microwave and didn't open the inside to clean it. Warning Sign #14: She said had she known she was cleaning the laminate floors she would have brought the chemical to make a nice, glossy shine. First of all, did she think I wanted a dirty, dull finish to the floor? Secondly, I told her we had laminate floors when we booked her and her website says she cleans floors. Warning Sign #15: Hour number 5 came and went.Warning Sign #16: My 70 year old mother and I grabbed scrubs and started cleaning the kitchen counter.Warning Sign #17: Hour number 6 came and went.Warning Sign #18: My 70 year old mother and I grabbed a scrubs and started to clean the stove.Warning Sign #19: Hour number 7 came and went.Warning Sign #20: Hour number 8 came........I finally told her not to finish cleaning the kitchen because we would be here for at least a few more hours at the rate she is cleaning.....or shall I say at the rate she is not cleaning.Basically, Belinda is inexperienced, slow, unprepared, and unorganized. How do you dust light fixtures and shelves without a ladder? How do you vacuum without a vacuum that works? She said her cleaning service is relatively new and it really, really, really shows. She didn't even have the proper equipment to professionally clean and had to borrow my supplies. I have never met someone who worked so hard to not work and make excuses the entire time. Needless to say, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!I was going to go with a big agency, but thought it would be nice to support a smaller business. Next time, I will go with a big agency that actually has a crew of experienced staff where they know what they are doing. Like anything, you get what you pay for !!!

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