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Sharon Ihlefeld
Sharon Ihlefeld
I was suffering with severe neck pain. MRI showed moderate to severe disc degeneration, and stenosis, along with some spurring. I didn't have any neurological deficits yet, but I was in tons of pain, unable to look left and right, or raise my arms to reach for a glass on a high shelf, or lean on my arms like when riding a bike. I was dealing with severe muscle spasms. My husband heard about QC Kinetics, I was skeptical, but was told I needed surger to remove the disc and fuse the joint to relieve the pain. I was looking at an expensive surgery that may or may not solve my problem. QC Kinetics was a 6 month process, it was very affordable, so I tried it. The staff is excellent, they make you feel comfortable, they spend time answering your questions or concerns, right through the entire treatment plan. I felt quite a bit of relief after my first treatment, I could suddenly turn my head and look to my right or left and hold it with no spasms. I finished my treatment and I would say it was a 100% successful. I can reach above my head, I can ride a bike again, I can look at to my right and left without wincing or getting stuck. I am so grateful to have my life back, it's a serious game changer. The treatment is not painful, yes there are injections, but they don't hurt even close to what a surgery would, and the results are worth it.
Reply from 2022.09.15
Sharon: Thank you so much for trusting our team with your care. We are so pleased that you and so many of our patients are seeing outstanding results. Thank you for the kind words regarding the staff as they care deeply for all of our patients. In good health! The team at QC Kinetix

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