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Christian Nguyen Pham
Christian Nguyen Pham
Finally I got it..... IT'S YOU.....YES,EXACTLY YOU.......MANNY ED. I have known you for the better part of almost 3 years. It's not the long period of time but I have learned a lot from you. Yes, " ông thầy của tui" who always lead by examples,Notion,Memrise and then Anki, you always keep up to date with the latest apps that help your learners could easier access to the language journey. Yes, "ông thầy của tui", the person who will goes extra mile,the person who will always open to explain all tough and weird question, sometimes at midnight.🤣🤣. Follow your footsteps, your guidance and always bombarded with your Anki streak.......FINALLY......after 1 year,5 months and 24 days......I'm here to annouce my score 6.5 OVERALL. It is not a big wow score,but it will be my first step to reach my dream,my new chapter of life. You will be always in my heart. P/s: repeat 3 times : MANNY ED, MANNY ED, MANNY ED......Mãi iu 🥰🥰🥰
Reply from 2023.05.15
Đây hả a :))) cho nó lên lại haha

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