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Pat Reese
Pat Reese
I had a broken molar and needed a crown to repair it. I broke it while eating a frozen Snickers candy bar. As a Vietnam War veteran, I had read about Patricia Devore’s Veterans Smile Program―a nonprofit that provides low-income veterans with free dental care―in the Kane County Connects Newsletter, written by Jacob Zimmerman, Superintendent of the Kane Country Veterans Assistance Commission. That’s how I found Dr. Khanna. Along with Patricia Devore and Jacob Zimmerman, Dr. Khanna is another very bright star in our universe. Out of the clear blue sky, he came along and volunteered for Smile to fix my broken tooth. I must say that I have never experienced a better, more genial dentist than Dr. Khanna. He provided me with first class dental care. In my judgment, Dr. Khanna is a superior dentist and very much more competent and caring than all the rest I have met put together. And at 73, I have met quite a few dentists through the years, never having found one that I truly trusted and felt comfortable with. Until now! Dr. Khanna is also very kind and gentle, and incredibly attentive, not to mention incredibly generous, working a full two hours on my tooth with more to come and calling me at home later that day to see if I was OK. Then I visited Smile’s Web site and its Facebook page and I learned I was not the only veteran he helped on Veterans Day. I will have to ask Patricia Devore, the founder of Veterans Smile, How did she find a man like him? He is a very good man and a genuine volunteer in his community with a great, caring heart! Abraham Lincoln was a most principled, knowledgeable, ambitious, caring, and driver man, representing the very best of mankind. And, like him, their concern for veterans is astonishing to me. Lincoln wrote, while at the epicenter of the American experience, in his second Inaugural address, which is today the motto of the Veterans Administration, “...To care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow, and his orphan...,” Dr. Khanna, thank you so very much for providing me with a most wonderful crown, and for volunteering to give me a deep cleaning. I really appreciate what you have done for me. My wish is for your continued success and for the very best, most prosperous life. I also wish the same for those who assist you in your volunteer and professional work. You could not have chosen a friendlier, more knowledgeable and capable staff to complement you and your expert dental work. They were all so very kind and good to me, and I could not be more grateful and proud of each of them. I have since seen my new general dentist, Dr. Linda Jin, another bright star in our community at the nonprofit Greater Family Health dental clinic in Elgin, a basic dental clinic that does not do crowns or deep cleanings, and she casually indicated that Dr. Khanna’s crown was one of the most “beautiful” crowns she had ever seen. While she prepared to fill a cavity, I told her about Dr. Khanna’s gift to me, which she thought was extraordinary and wonderful, commenting that crowns are so “expensive.” Then, while she was drilling, I heard her say, “It’s pretty.” When she took her drill out of my mouth I asked her what she meant, and she explained, “Your new crown. It’s beautiful!” She was admiring Dr. Khanna’s crown work and joyfully paying her professional respects to him and his stellar, unsurpassable achievement. Dr. Khanna, you are truly a miracle and absolutely one of the most decent human beings I have ever met. You deserve hundreds of stars for your gifts to our nation’s veterans! If I am certain of one thing, I am sure that all the veterans who you have helped restore their dental health deeply appreciate your concern and the dental care you have provided them. Thank you Dr. Khanna for caring for and giving back to our nation’s veterans. I feel your incredibly generous gifts to us have gone far beyond your self-imposed call to duty and anything we could have hoped for or deserve. Very Respectfully and Very Sincerely Yours, Pat Reese.

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