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Nathan Murtha
Nathan Murtha
In April, I called Sam's moving to book a couple of movers to help me pack a shipping container at the end of August. Flash-forward to six days before my move, and I'm notified that my booking has been cancelled because they received a bigger order. To their credit, they told me that they would come in the evening for the same day as my original booking (rather than early afternoon, as originally booked)... but only if I paid for an extra hour than was originally agreed upon. I understand that businesses have a bottom line to maintain, but I find it very unprofessional that this company tried to hustle me less than a week before my move. This is especially true given that I had booked with them months in advance. Very disappointed by this, and I opted to go elsewhere.
Reply from 2021.09.21
Thank you for providing us with your feedback. We are looking into adjusting our systems so we could accommodate smaller reservations without time/date interruptions. Please accept our sincere apology.

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