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Used these guys for two moves: myself and my mother. I would give them NEGATIVE STARS if I could! Stay away from these unprofessional con artists. Strike 1: 45 minutes late for truck loading #1. Strike 2: more than 2 hours late for truck unloading the next day. My boyfriend and I had to offload half the truck as we had no clue who/when/if was actually coming. Strike #3: broke several wine glasses despite them being carefully wrapped and noted as fragile multiple times. Those small rubbermaid boxes were loaded sideways in the truck (so no wonder they broke!) Strike #4: tried to scam me for costs and tried to make me pay for their services they didn’t render while I had to offload the truck myself due to their serious lateness. Insisted on cash to avoid taxes. The owner offered a $100 discount for these issues towards my mother’s move and claimed the issues were because someone in the company was in the hospital. Strike 5: broke the glass on a valuable antique cabinet that was shipped from overseas, causing several hundred dollars worth of damage on mother’s move. Strike 6: tried to scam my mother for cost, not accounting for $100 discount for first move issues and not accounting for $130 deposit. Eventually corrected this but this is two attempts at scamming. Again insisted on cash to avoid taxes, went as far as following my mother to the bank to retrieve cash. Strike 7: contacted them for repairing the broken glass cabinet. They sent me a blank moving contract to fill in after the fact (which they never provided before either of the moves), instead of something for a claim for the damage they caused. Ignored me when I requested a correct form. Damage they caused is $520!!!!! Stay away from Sam’s moving. Any positive reviews must be fake. I’m also pretty certain they’re not an actual moving company but are a broker for random labourers. Edit: Five months after the initial criminal service and this review, they decided to post on here that “they’re sorry and willing to remedy the situation”. I contacted them again for the upteenth time about it and they have again decided to ignore/ghost. These CRIMINALS belong in prison. Every one of them.
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Sorry for the bad experience N . Please give us a call or email so we can ensure you are properly taken care of, because your business and satisfaction is important to us.

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