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Maxine Stanley
Maxine Stanley
I had been suffering with severe hair loss every time I brushed my hair over a period of months which then resulted in a bald patch appearing on right side of my head. I was frantic at the thought of it getting worse and following advice from my hairdresser I contacted my doctor. I was told it was nothing to worry about and could even be down to the fact I often have my reading glasses on the top of my head. After a month or so the patch became even bigger - I was even more frantic and began searching for remedies to cure female hair loss. I paid for expensive shampoo and conditioner specifically for my problem but nothing was working. I then searched for clinics in my area that could help and came across Newcastle Hair Loss Clinic, which I had heard of but didn’t know too much about but thought it couldn’t harm to have a specialist take a look. Best decision ever. After meeting with Israa who immediately diagnosed alopecia and showed me my hair loss was way more than I had thought including a very large patch on the crown of my head. I was mortified but also relieved that she assured me she could help. Nearing 6 months of treatment I cannot believe the difference - alopecia gone! Thank you so very much x

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