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Yasmyn Rybak-Rajewski
Yasmyn Rybak-Rajewski
Highly recommend - the best decision you'll ever make for your gut health! At a complete loss and desperate for solutions after almost 15 years of suffering with IBD, I found Martin online and that moment has quite honestly completely changed my life. Over the course of 3-4 months I changed from someone who had felt extremely unwell every single day for years, who had slowly reduced their food & drink choices to a very small selection in order to try to avoid making symptoms worse, to being completely transformed with absolutely no symptoms of IBD whatsoever!! I'm beyond grateful for the highly professional, thoughtful and fine-tuned dietary / supplemental guidance that Martin provided, and especially for a much richer life where I can enjoy every kind of food again without a single worry! I can still hardly believe it and wish I'd found him years ago. Martin also makes your gut healing journey very clear and easy to follow, you quickly adapt to the carefully staged protocols set up to help your specific issues, with the end of goal of moving towards eating a beautiful varied diet free of any restrictions or symptoms. Extremely happy :-)

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